Sleeper Train - Moscow (Russia) to Nice (France)

A new sleeper train service from Moscow (Russia) to Nice (France) was launched on 23 September 2010. The train runs once a week and takes about 50 hours to make the journey.

Ticket prices, for the Moscow-Nice journey, vary between 327 Euros for a 2nd class compartment  and up to 1,304 Euros for someone occupying a deluxe compartment on their own. The train allows passengers to bring small dogs and birds if they book an entire compartment!

Train Times

The journey from Russia to France - Russian railways train No. 17.

From 10 December 2018 the train will run once per week departing Moscow on Thursday evenings.
Station From 10 December 2018
Moscow Belorussky 19:12  Thursday
Nice 18:30  Saturday

The journey from France to Russia - Russian railways train No. 18.

From 10 December 2018 the train will run once per week departing Nice on Sunday mornings.
Station From 10 December 2018
Nice 09:30  Sunday
Moscow Belorussky 11:45  Tuesday 
Note: Times above were obtained from the German Railways timetable database. Check this for the latest information with regard to timings and other station stops for this train.

Train Carriages

The train is made up of three deluxe carriages, six 1st class carriages and one second-class carriage. It has two restaurant cars between Moscow and Brest provided by Russian Railways and two restaurant cars between Warsaw and Nice provided by Polish Railways. Menus are in English and Russian. The restaurant staff speak Russian, Polish, and English.


France24 filmed aboard the Moscow to Nice train on its maiden journey.

Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, shows what life is like on the Moscow to Nice train.

Journey Route

The train travels on the following route.

Place Country
Moscow - Vyazma - Smolensk Russia
Orsha - Minsk - Brest Belarus
Terespol - Warsaw - Katowice - Zebrzydowice Poland
Bohumin - Breclav Czech Republic
Vienna - Linz - Innsbruck Austria
Bolzano - Verona - Milan - Genoa - San Remo - Bordighera - Ventimiglia Italy
Menton - Monaco - Nice France

Belarus Visa

Passengers who are not Russian will require a transit visa to travel through Belarusian territory. These can be obtained from the Belarusian Embassy.

Belarusian border guards will remove passengers from the train if they do not have a transit visa.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for the Moscow to Nice train journey can be seen on the Russian Railways (RZD) website. The RZD website states that tickets for the train can be bought in Russia and France.

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