Zoo Station - David Downing

Zoo Station by David Downing

It is 1939. Nazi Germany is preparing for war. John Russell, an Englishman, is a foreign correspondent based in Berlin. He has a German son, a member of the Hitler youth, and a German actress girlfriend, most recognised for the role she had played as the wife of a storm trooper beaten to death by communists in a 1934 film. Russell wants to stay in Berlin for as long as possible to be close to them.

New Year in Danzig and John Russell retires for the night to his room in a run down hotel. There is a knock on the door. Shchepkin, someone he once met a long time ago, wants to talk. Russell lets him in. Shchepkin, a Soviet secret agent, has a proposition. Write some articles for Pravda, praising aspects of Nazi Germany and you will be well paid. Let us know what ordinary Germans are thinking and we will be grateful. In your situation it will pay to have friends like us. Russell is left to think about it. Should he work for the Soviets? How will he avoid the Gestapo? The British are also interested in his services. How can he keep all of them happy and still remain in Berlin?

Zoo Station

Author - David Downing
ISBN - 978-1905847341
Publisher - Published in 2007 by Old Street Publishing. .
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