Josef Koudelka - Invasion Prague 68

Invasion 68

It is the Prague Spring. A thaw has come after the long winter of Soviet domination. Dubcek, the Czechoslovakian leader, promises change and hope is in the air. On 21st August 1968 that hope is shattered. Soviet forces invade and fear returns to the streets of Prague.

Josef Koudelka, a Prague photographer, risks his life to capture the invasion in a set of black and white photographs. The photographs are later smuggled out of Czechoslovakia and sent to Elliott Erwitt a Magnum photographer in New York. He helps to get them published and they are credited only to a Prague Photographer in order to protect Koudelka and his family from Soviet reprisals. It would be sixteen years before Koudelka could publicly take credit for the photographs. Josef Koudelka managed to leave Czechoslovakia in 1970 and joined the photographic agency Magnum a short time later.

Invasion 68

Author - Josef Koudelka
ISBN - 159711068X
Publisher - Published in 2008 by Aperture.
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