Monte Cassino - The Road to Rome

Italy in 1944. The Germans had repelled all attempts by the Allies to capture Monte Cassino and open the road to Rome. General Anders II Polish Army Corps was given the task of capturing Monte Cassino. On 11 May 1944 the Polish Army attacked the German positions. At 10.20am on 18 May the red and white flag of Poland was hoisted over the ruins of the Monte Cassino monastery by the 12th Lancers. The Polish and allied armies were victorious!

Film Trailer of Monte Cassino - The Road to Rome

Capital j. Films has made a 45 minute documentary Monte Cassino - The Road to Rome which tells the story of the battle and recounts the personal stories of the men who fought there. Released in June 2008 the film is available for purchase from Capital j. Films either as a digital download or by post on a DVD. The film is directed by Jedrzej Jonasz and produced by Maciej Jonasz.

The Polish soldiers who fell in the battle are buried in the Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino. An inscription on the marble spire at the cemetery reads:

Passerby, tell Poland that we fell faithfully in her service, for our freedom and yours, we Polish soldiers gave our souls to God, our bodies to the soil of Italy, and our hearts to Poland.

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