An Army in Exile

An Army in Exile Book Cover

An Army in Exile

Lt-General Wladyslaw Anders

ISBN 0898390435
Nashville Tenn: Battery Press



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It is 1941. General Anders is imprisoned in the Lubianka in Moscow by the NKVD. Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union leads to his release to form a Polish Army in Russia. From labour camps all over the Soviet Union Polish soliders who have survived are released to rejoin the Polish army.

General Anders and his men eventually make their way to Persia and from there to fight major battles against the Germans in Italy at Monte Cassino, Ancona and Bologna.

General Anders died in London on 12 May 1970 and lies buried with his men at the Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino in Italy.


The book contains the following chapters:

  1. The conflict begins
  2. A prisoner of the NKVD
  3. In the Lubianka
  4. A free man again
  5. Birth of an army
  6. The camps disgorge
  7. "Kolyma means death"
  8. General Sikorski in Russia
  9. A conference with Stalin
  10. Growing difficulties
  11. Exodus from Russia
  12. Those we left behind
  13. A talk with Churchill
  14. The army in Iraq
  15. The Katyn murders
  16. The move to Italy
  17. Before Monte Cassino
  18. The battle and the victory
  19. Capture of Ancona
  20. The sin of Teheran
  21. The battle of Warsaw
  22. A city sacrificed
  23. Growing pressure on Poland
  24. Mr Mikolajczyk in Moscow
  25. Bad news from Yalta
  26. A summons to London
  27. No V-Day for Poland
  28. The homeless million
  29. Russia's double game
  30. An army fades away
  31. Old comrades cold-shouldered