History of Poland in London - A Series of Short Films

A series of short films about the History of Poland in London has been produced by The Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London. The films are presented by the BBC's Kasia Madera who is of Polish descent. They can be watched in one video (25 minutes) or they can be watched separately on YouTube.com by clicking the links below.

The films explore the following and how they relate to Poland.

  • The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum (YouTube)
  • Westminster Cathedral (YouTube)
  • The Mall (YouTube)
  • The Royal Albert Hall (YouTube)
  • Gunnersbury Cemetery (Katyn Memorial) (YouTube)
  • St. Andrew Bobola's Roman Catholic Church (YouTube)
  • Polish War Memorial (Ruislip) (YouTube)
  • Highgate Cemetery (YouTube)
  • General Ander's House (YouTube)

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