Three Questions with Terry Tegnazian - Co-founder of Aquila Polonica

Terry Tegnazian co-founded Aquila Polonica a company which specialises in the publication of books, in English, about the Polish experience in World War Two. She was interviewed by Justine Jablonska, Press Advisor to the Embassy of Poland in Washington DC, USA, and asked three questions.

1. How did Aquila Polonica begin? What is its mission?

We specialise in the Polish World War Two experience publishing it in English that covers first hand memoirs, some histories, artwork...probably the most heroic and tragic story of any of the Allies during World War Two...It’s an amazing story. It’s a huge canvas. And it’s not known certainly in the United States.

2. Your most popular book is 303 Squadron: The Legendary Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron. Why did you choose to publish it, and what drew you to the stories of the Polish fighter pilots?

They are larger than life heroes. These guys were amazing. Highest scoring squadron in the Battle of Britain! The stuff of legend.

3. What's your hope for Aquila Polonica Publishing?

This is a story that deserves to be better known. My hope would be that we would reach the broader English speaking audience to make Poland's role in WW2 as well known as USA, England and France.

The interview took place on 16 November 2011. It was featured in the November 2011 newsletter of the Polish Embassy in the USA.

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