Red Express - Berlin Wall to Great Wall of China

Red Express - Berlin Wall to Great Wall of China (Transsiberian Railway

It is 1989. The Berlin Wall has fallen and change is sweeping across Soviet dominated Europe. Michael Cordell, journalist, and Peter Solness, photographer, embark upon a 10,000 mile journey by train from Berlin to Beijing to experience and record that change. They travel by train through East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Lativa, Estonia, Russia and China. At the heart of their journey is a voyage across Russia on the transsiberian railway.

Yaroslavl station is a...cast of fairytale characters reflecting the 15 republics and hundreds of ethnic groups that make up the Soviet Empire...This is the starting point of the Transsiberian express...As the pride of the Russian rail system the train bore the name of the country: Rossiya. And beneath it, in Cyrillic, the magic words: Moscow - Vladivostok...The door to each carriage was flanked by a welcoming committee of two provodniks, the attendants who take turns working the twelve-hour shifts for the entire journey...Provodniks provide tea, bedding and keep the train clean. (Red Express pp. 125-129)

The book is a large coffee table book with many beautiful photographs.

Book Chapters

The chapters in the book are as follows:

  1. The Wall Departs and Spring Returns - Berlin to Prague
  2. Popes and Peasants - Krakow to Vilnius
  3. Into the Heart of Mother Russia - Leningrad to Moscow
  4. Exile and the New Texas - Moscow to Novosibirsk
  5. Coming in from the Cold - Novosibirsk to Vladivostok
  6. The Last Kingdom - Suifenhe to Beijing

Red Express - The Greatest Rail Journey - From the Berlin Wall to the Great wall of China
Text by Michael Cordell and photographs by Peter Solness
ISBN 978-0137699100
First published in Australasia in 1990 by Simon & Schuster

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