Silesian Station - David Downing

Silesian Station by David Downing

Berlin, July 1939. The final months of peace. John Russell, now an American citizen, returns to Berlin, after a four week trip to the USA, as the Central European correspondent of the San Franciso Tribune. His German actress girlfriend has been arrested by the Gestapo and Hauptsturmfuhrer Ritschel wants to speak to him at Gestapo headquarters in Berlin as soon as he arrives. The British and the Soviet secret intelligence services are also interested in how John Russell can help them.

Thomas Adler, John Russell's former brother-in-law, has asked him if he can help find a 17 year old Jewish woman. Miriam Rosenfeld after arriving from rural Silesia at Berlin's Silesian station has disappeared. The brother of the young woman who was supposed to meet her at the station never did. He was attacked on his way, beaten up and died a week later in hospital. As Europe descends towards war can John Russell oblige his secret masters, protect his German girlfriend and also solve the mystery of the Jewish woman's disappearance.

Silesian Station

Author - David Downing
ISBN - 978-1905847358
Publisher - Old Street Publishing (2008)
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