Rethinking the Traditional Photo Book - Dan Milnor

Want to make a photo book? Dan Milnor, documentary photographer, talks about how to think creatively about the process of book creation. He works for Blurb, a print-on-demand book publishing company, which enables anyone to make a book.

Dan Milnor explains how we should:

  • Stop thinking the monograph is the only option.
  • Stop thinking big is better.
  • Stop thinking you are limited to one version.
  • The ability to make a single book is powerful.
  • It should be enjoyable!

Dan tells us how photographs in a printable form are still relevant today. He quotes a photographers' agent who said "These books get my photographers jobs!". He says there is a power in making a single copy of a book or a very limited number of books. Photographers can make small runs and customise - they can do anything they want.

Rethinking the Traditional Photo Book with Dan Milnor and PhotoShelter from on Vimeo.

Dan Milnor has been shooting professionally for almost 25 years. In 2010 he transitioned from working as a photographer to working on his own projects. He was then approached by Blurb and now works for them as Photographer at Large. He has been making his own books for many years having created over 120 titles using Blurb.

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