Into The Wind - Bomber Command Veterans

Into the Wind - Bomber Command

The documentary film Into the Wind tells the personal stories of surviving veterans of World War 2 Bomber Command. Over 55,000 men served in Bomber Command.

The film features interviews with veterans from Australia, Canada, Guyana, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago and the UK. They tell of friendships lost, of the closeness of death and the importance of love and family. They share their passion for flying and talk about the moral implications of the bombing campaign.

Into the Wind was directed by Steven Hatton and filmed between 2006 and 2010.

Into the Wind Trailer

Into The Wind - TRAILER (A Documentary by Steven Hatton) from Electric Egg on Vimeo.

Into the Wind

Director - Steven Hatton
Production - Electric Egg
Released - 2011
DVD Availability - Amazon (UK) - Into the Wind website

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