Sleeper Train - Moscow (Russia) to Paris (France)

A new sleeper train service from Moscow (Russia) to Paris (France) was launched on 12 December 2011. The train conveys luxury, first and second class carriages, and a restaurant car.

Train Departures

Russia to France - Russian railways train No. 23.

From 10 December 2018 the train will run once per week departing Moscow on Tuesday evenings. 
Station From 10 December 2018
Moscow Belorusskaya 19:12 (day 1 Tuesday)
Warsaw Wschodnia 13:00 (day 2 Wednesday)
Berlin Hbf 21:03 (day 2 Wednesday)
Paris Est 09:40 (day 3 Thursday)

France to Russia - Russian railways train No. 24.

From 10 December 2018 the train will run once per week departing Paris on Thursday evenings.
Station From 10 December 2018
Paris Est 18:58 (day 1 Thursday)
Berlin Hbf 07:26 (day 2 Friday)
Warszawa Wschodnia 15:36 (day 2 Friday)
Moscow Belorusskaya 11:45 (day 3 Saturday)
Check the German Railways timetable database for the latest information with regard to timings and other station stops for this train.


Deutsche Welle (English language service) shows the experience of travelling on the train from Paris to Moscow.

Restaurant Car

A restaurant car will be available on the train between:

  • Moscow (Russia) and Brest (Belarus)
  • Warsaw (Poland) and Paris (France)

Menus are in Russian and English.

Train Tickets

For the purchase of tickets for the train have a look at

Railway Websites

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